In 1997, Tom McGraw and Bill Wentworth left behind the security of executive-level positions with an international company to launch an independent employee group benefits firm focusing on serving the unique needs of mid-size Michigan employers. Financing the company themselves, Tom and Bill launched McGraw Wentworth with just one employee and no clients, and went without paychecks for the first two years.

With a different business model – focusing only on health care benefits and providing a higher quality client experience – and a passion for our Vision & Principles, McGraw Wentworth has succeeded in becoming the region’s largest employee group benefits firm.

In only fifteen years, McGraw Wentworth has grown from zero revenue to a client base of over 165 employers including privately- and publicly-held firms, municipalities, school districts, non-profits, manufacturers, services, retailers and wholesale firms. This diverse client base ensures our firm’s stability and growth, while also allowing us to share best practices from each industry.